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When you hire an attorney to defend against a traffic ticket, you don't want to be talked down to, or treated like a number. You want your attorney to spend time looking over the citation, to call the officer, to talk to potential witnesses, to review police video footage, and to spend time with the prosecutor looking at the file. You want someone who will work diligently to get you the best deal possible without you having to appear for a trial, or, if a trial is necessary, an experienced trial lawyer who will challenge every aspect of the traffic stop in order to poke holes in the prosecutor's case to get you a not guilty verdict. Perhaps most importantly, you want an attorney with experience taking cases to trial in front of the same judge that is set to hear your case, and knows the arguments that are likely to work in that court, and the arguments that are likely to fail.

At The Bargar Law Firm, we excel at researching each violation listed on your traffic citation to make sure there are no "hidden punishments" built into a conviction for the offense. For example, many states have tougher driver control punishments than Arkansas, meaning that if you are from out of state and pick up a citation for Reckless Driving, you may be exposed to a license suspension in your state when the driver control board in your home state receives word of the conviction. At that point, your license may be suspended, whereas if you had hired an attorney, your case could have resulted in a no contest plea to the violation of a local city ordinance for careless driving, resulting in a minor fine, but no penalty with the driver control board, and no resulting license suspension.

Additionally, commercial drivers are often out of luck when they pick up tickets in Arkansas, because special laws were enacted in the past few years that make it impossible for commercial drivers to receive traffic probation, suspended imposition of sentence, or dismissals on traffic offenses. However, at The Bargar Law Firm, we routinely reach agreement with local traffic courts for those offenses to be amended to non-moving violations, which usually have no effect on your driving record or insurance rates, and will usually not violate your company’s driving policy. So yes, even if you are a commercial driver and pick up a speeding ticket, you do have options available that won't negatively impact your career.

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