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Governor's Pardon
A governor's pardon is like the Loch Ness monster... everyone has heard that it exists, but very few people have actually seen one.

We have experience with the pardon process, and have an excellent record getting the pardon application through the parole board and onto the governor's desk.

The pardon process in Arkansas allows for two different types of pardons: a full pardon and a "firearms only" pardon, which only allows the holder to own or possess firearms. Our experience is that a full pardon is actually slightly easier to obtain than a "firearms only" pardon, because it does not require a letter from the chief law enforcement officer in the jurisdiction where the conviction occurred.

Even so, the pardon process can be very political, and our number one goal in getting our client's application approved is to make it stand out from all the other applications that are submitted during the year. This includes seeking written recommendations and endorsements from political figures, clergy, and other influential persons. It also includes creating a written narrative with the sole purpose of convincing the parole board, and the governor's staff, that our client is an ideal candidate for executive clemency, that he is unlikely to re-offend, that he is rehabilitated, and has become a productive member of society.

Once you receive your pardon from the governor, you can not only state that the conviction never occurred, you can also state that the underlying conduct that led to the conviction did not occur. You will have your ability to own a firearm re-instated, so that you may hunt or obtain a concealed carry license. Your record will also be cleared for purposes of a criminal background check.

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