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Child Abuse
Criminal Prosecution
We have represented defendants age 13 to 63 in criminal cases involving child abuse, and it a core belief at our firm that the stigma that attaches to an innocent person when they are wrongfully accused of the abuse of a child is almost as horrendous as actual abuse. We have taken these types of cases to trial, and will continue to do so, when we feel our client has been wrongfully accused of crimes involving child abuse.

DHS Maltreatment Findings
Our representation in child abuse cases has involved criminal allegations of child abuse, but has also involved allegations of child maltreatment filed by the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Those cases result in the name of the accused being listed on the Arkansas Child Maltreatment Registry (CHRIS). If your name is listed on the CHRIS registry, it can seriously affect your ability to get a job, especially in any field involving children, or requiring background checks.

The DHS maltreatment case usually begins with the accused receiving a "30-day letter" from DHS, stating that a finding of maltreatment has been substantiated. From the date of receipt of that letter, the accused has thirty days to ask, in writing, for an appeal hearing. That hearing may be held by telephone, video conference, or in person at the DHS Office of Appeals and Hearings in Little Rock, Arkansas. When we handle these cases, we always request an in-person hearing in Little Rock, where we call witnesses and put on evidence for our client, on the record. The hearing takes place in front of an administrative law judge, and is largely informal in nature. Having handled many of these cases over the years, we have had consistently great results in getting maltreatment allegations thrown out in these hearings, time and time again.

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