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10 Easy Steps You Need To Take After An Accident

  1. If anyone was injured, dial 9-1-1, and ask for medical treatment.
  2. If possible, move the affected vehicles out of travel lanes and oncoming traffic. If you have an opportunity to snap a photo of the vehicles’ resting position with your cell phone camera before moving them, do it quickly.
  3. Call the police, and remain on the scene until officers show up.
  4. Provide any and all requested information to police officers.
  5. Collect the following information from all people involved: name, address, and phone number, insurance company and policy numbers, driver’s license number. If there are eyewitnesses, get their contact information as well.
  6. Use your cell phone to take photos or videos of the vehicles involved in the wreck, to use as evidence.
  7. Seek prompt medical attention, even if it’s just to be thoroughly checked out by a doctor. You may have suffered medical injuries and just don’t know it. Don’t go to a chiropractor—go to a physician or a hospital for treatment, and follow all medical directives, including follow-up.
  8. If an insurance company contacts you after the wreck, don’t sign anything, or give any statement about the wreck until talking to an attorney. A lawyer can help you handle dealing with the insurance companies.
  9. After you have spoken with a lawyer, contact your insurance company, as advised by the lawyer. Take notes each time you speak with your insurance company.
  10. File your claim and follow all medical recommendations promptly. If you are still suffering medical injuries, then by all means, continue to get treated, and continue to follow all of the instructions of your doctor.

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