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A mock trial is the most reliable way to test a case before the real trial. Although a mock trial can be expensive and time-consuming, It will reveal the weaknesses and strengths of a case better than any other method of analysis, and is absolutely critical in cases where the financial investment warrants it. A mock trial give you the advantage of seeing a group of jurors deliberate the evidence in your case, and argue the merits of your case, in the same way that a real jury is liable to do so at trial. The mock trial will reveal which evidence is most persuasive, which legal theories are liable to play the strongest role in your case, a realistic sense of case value and liability exposure, juror’s reaction to key pieces of evidence and testimony, and the likelihood of winning at trial.

A focus group can be almost as valuable as a mock trial. Focus groups are usually used to test theories, ideas, or evidence that are smaller in scope than the entirety of the case. A focus group can consist of a handful of people, meeting informally, and can be conducted at much less expense than a full mock trial. Even so, the wealth of information that can be gleaned from a focus group can often steer the plaintiff’s case in a manner that will have positive outcomes on the Plaintiff’s trial preparation.

Both mock trials and focus groups can be done under strict conditions of confidentiality, so that they minimize the possibility of tainting the actual jury pool in the area where the trial is to be held.

The Bargar Law Firm has utilized a jury consultant, focus groups, and mock trials, in a number of cases, with great result for our clients.

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