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Drug Related Charges
Drug-related offenses can range from simple possession charges to more serious offenses that can result in life in prison. If you care about your future, you must hire an attorney to safeguard your rights, and ensure that the allegations against are handled in a competent manner, yielding a result that you can live with.

Drug-related charges can have the following harmful consequences:
- Keep you from getting hired, or terminate your employment
- Keep you from attending college or graduate school
- Keep you from getting into professional or post-grad programs
- Keep you from getting FAFSA student aid money for school
- Keep you from becoming a teacher, nurse, law enforcement, or other related profession
- Stigma in your community
- May take longer to remove from your record after the fact
- May have unintended federal consequences (additional charges)
- May make subsequent charges more difficult to dispose of, if you re-offend

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